Roadtrip 2001

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17 - Seattle 12 - Southern Colorado 11 - Utah 3 - Washington 7 - Truth or Conequences 6 - Austin 5 - New Orleans 4 - Asheville - Gadsden 2 - Richmond 3- Washington, DC 1 - Delaware 8 - Santa Fe 12 - Southern Colorado 13 - Northern Colorado 11 - Utah 10 - Grand Canyon 9 - Arizona 15 - Yellowstone 16 - Montana 17 - Seattle Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon 14 - Salt Lake City

I traveled 17,000 miles of road in my little red jetta. Its a very big country with lots of very different areas and people. In 3 months I didn't even scratch the surface of discovering the whole country, but I certainly saw enough to conclude that the US is an amazingly beautiful country with an incredibly interesting and diverse culture and population of people.

I wrote a journal during the trip. There are 17 entries. Put your mouse over any name on the map to see the name of the journal entry. Find one and click on it to see the journal. From the journal entry, you can get to the photos for the corresponding part of the trip.



Due to the fact that Celeste is solely responsible for entering in the main body of text in the journal it should be noted that her commentary on who won games, did the most driving or any other implied facts should be taken with a pinch of salt. If you have any queries please feel free to contact James for clarification of the facts.

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